Hormone Testing Kit (Take Home Saliva Testing Kit) + Pharmacist Consultation

Hormone Testing Kit (Take Home Saliva Testing Kit) + Pharmacist Consultation

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Hormone Trio Kit : A take-home saliva testing kit including Estradiol (E2), Progesterone (Pg), and Testosterone (T) Levels

Hormones are complex. They’re produced throughout your body by nearly a dozen glands and organs, and are collectively known as the endocrine system. 

When in balance they interact in an elegantly intricate formula — a mix that determines growth, development, mental function and physical function at every age. When they’re out of balance, growing evidence shows that it can cause anything from fatigue to infertility, headaches to depression, weight gain to loss of libido.

What’s Included with Consultation

  • Take Home Salivary Hormone Testing Kit (Hormone Trio – Estradiol (E2), Progesterone (Pg), Testosterone (T) Levels - From ZRT Labs)
  • Printed/Electronic Lab Results and Explanations of Lab Values
  • Supplement recommendations from a Doctor of Pharmacy (NO prescription required) with PDF Descriptions
  • Welcome Bag with Printed Information, Pen, Notepad, Clip and other health-forward goodies
  • Patient Portal Access to Clinical Documents/Labs
  • 20% off Supplement Purchases in-store or Online
  • Referral to Medical Provider (if warranted)


Or you can purchase the kit only, without the consultation piece, for a discounted rate, and still receive results. 

Saliva Instructions