Adrenal Stress Testing Kit (Take Home Salivary Testing) + Pharmacist Consultation

Adrenal Stress Testing Kit (Take Home Salivary Testing) + Pharmacist Consultation

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Adrenal Stress Testing Kit

The adrenal glands, otherwise known as the “stress glands,” enable our bodies to cope with stress and survive. Shaped like two tiny pyramids, they sit atop the kidneys and from this central location mobilize the response to changes in our environment.

Whether stress comes from outside in the form of a natural disaster, or from within like the anxiety we experience before public speaking, it’s the adrenals’ job to help us adapt to the situation.


Adrenal glands that are out of balance can lead to:

High Cortisol

Results in insomnia, anxiety, sugar cravings, feeling tired but wired, increased belly fat & bone loss

Low Cortisol

Causes chronic fatigue, low energy, food and sugar cravings, poor exercise tolerance or recovery & low immune reserves


Out of balance adrenals can lead to high or low DHEA.

What's Included in Consultation

  • Take Home Salivary Adrenal Stress Testing Kit (Adrenal Stress Profile –  DHEAs (DS) & Cortisol (Cx4) - From ZRT Labs) - (Sample Report)
  • Printed/Electronic Lab Results and Explanations of Lab Values
  • Supplement recommendations from a Doctor of Pharmacy (NO prescription required) with PDF Descriptions
  • Welcome Bag with Printed Information, Pen, Notepad, Clip and other health-forward goodies
  • Patient Portal Access to Clinical Documents/Labs
  • 20% off Supplement Purchases in-store or Online
  • Referral to Medical Provider (if warranted)

 Or you can purchase the kit only, without the consultation piece, for a discounted rate, and still receive results. 

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