5 Workout Habits to Manage Weight

You can shed weight without disrupting your life or feeling overwhelmed.

Get Moving On Your Goals

Consider these five small improvements that you can make this week that can add up to big results towards your goals for managing or losing weight.

  1. Move your whole body. Speaking of squats and pushups, devote most of your workout sessions to exercises that target your whole body. They’ll burn more calories than smaller movements like bicep curls.

  2. Build muscle. Increasing your muscle mass enables you to burn more calories even when you’re at rest. Lift weights or do squats and pushups with your body weight.

  3. Train in intervals. High-intensity interval training (HITT) pays off. Alternate between brief bursts of intense activity and even shorter rest periods. For example, run for a few minutes while you’re taking a walk.

  4. Eliminate excuses. Prepare for success. Pack your gym bag each night and place it next to the items you will need for the next day.

  5. Be consistent. A successful exercise plan is one that you can stick to. Select activities that you like and invite a friend to join you.


Need Additional Support?

Listen to our Mix It Up! Pharmacy Podcast where we spoke with nutritionist and medical weight loss coach, Jamie Young, about her tips and tricks for keeping nutrition and weight gain under control throughout the winter season.

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